Friday, 23 May 2014

Today I worked on my April Paper Pumpkin kit and enjoyed that hour being creative!

Here's the frame, wrapping and tags I created with my kit:

Now I've got lots of tags ready for gifts of all kinds!!!

OK...ready for this... in Labadee, Haiti resides the world's longest zipline over water - 500 feet high across the water inlet to a landing 1/2 mile away.   It was a blast!!!

  • I did the practice run
  • drove to the top
  • waved bravely... then went... I don't have a pic as Gerry didn't have his camera at the end but SU did catch us right after the ride!!

My family didn't think I would go through with it but I DID!


"...some call it customer service ... I call it caring..." 


  1. you are BRAVE! much much more than me!

  2. It was lots of fun MaryAnn and would do it again with my eyes open more of the trip!!!